Build and serve the docs locally


For running local dev server you will only need to install stable version of Go and clone the repository:

git clone

For other tasks such as building production version of the site and linting you will also need to:

  • Install Node.js LTS
  • Install Docker or Podman

Build and Serve

You can build and serve your docs to http://localhost:1313/ with:

make serve

Any changes will be included in real time.

Running the Linting Script Locally

To run linting locally you will need to run the following command:

make lint

This assumes docker command is available. If you want to specify different engine such as podman:

make lint CONTAINER_ENGINE=podman

Behind this target, the hack/ci/ script is responsible for running html-proofer that validates the generated HTML output.

Note: In the case you’re getting permission denied errors when reading from that mounted volume, set the following environment variable and re-run the linting script:

make lint CONTAINER_RUN_EXTRA_OPTIONS="--security-opt label=disable"