Build and serve the docs locally


Clone the repository:

git clone

The docs are built with Hugo which can be installed along with the required extensions by following the docsy install guide.

We use git submodules to install the docsy theme. From the root directory, update the submodules to install the theme.

git submodule update --init --recursive

Build and Serve

You can build and serve your docs to localhost:1313 with:

hugo server

Any changes will be included in real time.

Running the Linting Script Locally

The hack/ci/ script is responsible for building the site and running html-proofer that validates the generated HTML output.

Before running the linting script, ensure you have the correct environment variable sets locally:

  • $CONTAINER_ENGINE: controls what container engine will be used. Defaults to docker.
  • $CONTAINER_RUN_EXTRA_OPTIONS: allows you to specify any additional run options to the container engine. Defaults to an empty string.

In order to run the linting script locally using podman, run the following command from the root directory:

export CONTAINER_ENGINE="podman"

Note: In the case you’re getting permission denied errors when reading from that mounted volume, set the following environment variable and re-run the linting script:

export CONTAINER_RUN_EXTRA_OPTIONS="--security-opt label=disable"