Tips and tricks related to troubleshooting a ClusterServiceVersion.


How to debug a failing CSV

If the OLM operator encounters an unrecoverable error when attempting to install the operator, the CSV will be placed in the failed phase. The OLM operator will constantly update the Status with useful information regarding the state of the CSV. You can check the Status of your CSV with the following command:

$ kubectl get csv prometheusoperator.0.32.0 -n <namespace> -o yaml | yq e '.status' -

Note: It is possible that the Status is missing, which suggests that the OLM operator is encountering an issue when processing the CSV in a very early stage. You should respond by reviewing the logs of the OLM operator.

You should typically pay special attention to the information within the status.reason and status.message fields. Please look in the failed CSV reasons

If the Status block does not provide enough information, check the OLM operator’s logs.

Failed CSV Reasons

Reason: NoOperatorGroup

The CSV failed to install because it has been deployed in a namespace that does not include an OperatorGroup.

Reason: UnsupportedOperatorGroup

The CSV is failing to install because it does not support the OperatorGroup defined in the namespace.

Failed CSV Messages

Messages Ending with “field is immutable”

The CSV is failing because its install strategy changes some immutable field of an existing Deployment. This usually happens on upgrade, after an operator author publishes a new version of the operator containing such a change. In this case, the issue can be resolved by publishing a new version of the operator that uses a different Deployment name, which will cause OLM to generate a completely new Deployment instead of attempting to patch any existing one.